Our mission is to give back the customer the responsibility for their own data while being flexible with internet providers.

Cloud services

Currently we observe a trend to move many services into the cloud. This is to concentrate to the core business at low costs.

Many cloud provider promise a high reliability and a perfect backup a specialists. But these providers adhere only with the monthly fees. Additional the "secure" backups helps mainly in case of problems of the provider. If you accidently deleted or overwrote your data, you may find it hard to get the correct backup. Furthermore the data is not physically seperated, accidently started deletions or cyber attacks may affect also the backup. A bad example were "backups" of MySpaces.

Our solution

We think that a cost efficent cloud is also possible without giving away the responsibility of data. In contrast to some service providers you define exactly how to back up you data, verify any backups, "touch it" and store it offline.

You should be as independent as possible. You should not even be dependent to our proxy services. We are interested to keep you as customer. But because of satisfaction, not because of lock-in effects.

If unsure you may still take a service provider to maintain our solution.